The interlinkages between globalization and sustainable development have broad implications. The forces of globalization continue to push innovation to the front burner of the sustainable development agenda.  Trade and foreign direct investment (FDI) are two key facilitators of foreign know-how and technologies. Clearly, Africa’s innovation performance depends, to a large extent, on internationalization. Innovation remains a critical driver of development on the continent.

With the fourth industrial revolution looming, trade, investment and innovation policies are now more closely intertwined. Clearly, their interface needs a fresh look. This is what the TFi4SD Africa (Trade, FDI and Innovation for Sustainable Development in Africa) initiative is all about.

TFi4SD is an interdisciplinary framework dedicated exclusively to generating evidence about how different strategies can ensure sustainability in the trade, FDI and innovation domains.

Among other things, the TFi4SD model takes a broad approach that:

  1. Bridges theory and practice, by working with the private sector, governments, academic institutions, civil society organizations and international development agencies.
  1. Prioritizes the triple helix of industry–academia-government interactions and their inter-jurisdictional spillover effects.
  1. Develops new techniques for evaluating trade, investment and innovation strategies in other regions; and in turn, uses them to draw new insights about how to implement global best practices in Africa.

The TFi4SD platform offers stakeholders unparalleled opportunities to network, share and gain latest insights on trending issues.

Every year, we organize four quarterly roundtables and an annual conference. These events enable policymakers, academics, thought leaders, business leaders, expert industry practitioners and other international development stakeholders to provide unbiased insights on topical issues.

To ensure our research is accessible to the general public and decision-makers, outputs will be disseminated through briefs, blogs and a dedicated video channel which serves as a central repository for the many issues.